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The Australian Biography series is a great resource in a classroom environment. Each biography comes complete with a study guide, and the video can be viewed online, as well as being available to download for viewing when you are no longer connected to the internet.

Australian Biography Study Guides

Each biography contains a link to a study guide which lists Australian school curriculum areas and levels corresponding to each biography in this website. The study guides include a brief biography, a list of activities, discussion points, related readings and internet sites.

How to download video from this website

Each biography contains a link to a video download page, where you can download free copies of video excerpts for that biography. Choose a biography and click on the “download” tab to go to the download page for that biography. After downloading, the video can be viewed at full screen size.

More online resources for Teachers from Film Australia

The NFSA’s Digital Resource Finder is a quick, convenient and easy-to-use search engine for teachers and educators. It features FREE FOR EDUCATION downloadable video clips from our remarkable archive—one of the nation’s largest and most historically significant collections. Clips are matched with print-friendly two-page resource sheets that include background information and engaging student research and classroom activities written by leading teachers. No registration or log in is required. The NFSA's Digital Resource Finder is easy to search via curriculum, topic or keyword.

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