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A nation’s story is reflected in the lives of its people and these are the stories of our distinguished elders - told in their own words.

Australian Biography Online is a web-based biographical resource profiling some of the most extraordinary Australians of our time.

The website draws from valuable material collected for Film Australia’s Australian Biography TV series, which features remarkable individuals who have had a major impact on our cultural, political and social life. Through revealing in-depth interviews, they share their experiences and insights.

Each interview is conducted over three days and, from this raw material, a half-hour program is made for television and video. Now, with Australian Biography Online, the full interviews are available on the web as transcripts linked to video—to view online or download.

The website also offers brief biographies, video excerpts and scripts of the edited TV programs as well as comprehensive study guides and links to related sites.

The result is a growing archival record of immediate interest and lasting value.

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Ron Saunders - Producer
Robin Hughes - Editorial Consultant
Mary McMahon, Gina Lennox, Lindsay Charlton, Kirsten Krauth - Transcript Editors

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Julia Melvin - Graphic Design
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Thanks to the following people at Film Australia for their assistance during production: Aida Innocente, Jacqui Stone, Frank Heimans, Sally Regan, Sally Creagh, Kirsten Tilgals, Isabel Perez, Paloma Marlo, Genevieve Derwent, Martien Coucke, Peter Litton, Karinn Cheung, Michelle Clark, Yvonne Boulos, Catherine McGuire, Anna Nolan, Richard Carter and Naomi Hall.

Also thanks to Warwick Cathro, Bryan Collins, Mark Courbold, Judith Pearce, Margy Burn, Nicki Mackay-Sim, and Jennifer Anderson from the National Library of Australia.


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