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Elizabeth Riddell
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Journalist and poet, Born 1910, Napier NZ, Died 1998

Born in New Zealand in 1910, Elizabeth Riddell was recruited as a journalist straight from school. She began by writing film and theatre reviews and worked on Smith's Weekly where she joined the likes of Kenneth Slessor and Colin Simpson.

In 1939 Elizabeth started work on The Sun newspaper and during World War Two opened and ran the Daily Mirror's New York bureau. In 1944 she crossed the Atlantic to be in London and closer to the war. It was during those years that she wrote some of her best poetry.

In 1946 Elizabeth returned to Australia. She forged ahead with her newspaper work and also had three volumes of poetry published: The Untrammelled, Poems and Forbears.

In the 1960s she became senior interviewer and critic for the arts pages of The Australian. She has had several books of poetry published including Elizabeth Riddell: Selected Poems, From the Midnight Courtyard, Occasions of Birds and The Difficult Island, and in 1992 won a NSW Literary Award.

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