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Elizabeth Durack
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Background Information / Further Reading

  • Controversial artist Elizabeth Durack dies
    A transcript from Radio National's AM program on the event of Elizabeth's death in 2000.
  • Durack Legacy
    This story from ABC Asia Pacific looks at Elizabeth and the Eddie Burrup controversy, and is available as both text and streaming video (requires RealPlayer). Although it is ostensibly being offered as part of English Language learning program, it provides a good brief overview of the controversy, with comments from Elizabeth's daughter Perpetua.

Biographical Information


  • The Art of Eddie Burrup
    This extraordinary site is an archived copy of the original web site created by Elizabeth Durack in 1997, which presented Eddie Burrup and his work as an authentic piece of biography and art history. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the Eddie Burrup controversy, as it shows the full extent of the hoax, with detailed biographical notes and a purported interview with Eddie.
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