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Eva Burrows
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  • Portraits of General Eva Burrows
    Portraits of General Eva Burrows 2001 by Gabrielle Martin (b. 1969) studies in charcoal, pastel and pencil/ oil on canvas Collection: National Portrait Gallery

Speeches, Essays and Articles

  • "In the Front Line" speech by General Eva Burrows.
    "In the Front Line". A speech given by General Eva Burrows, International Leader of the Salvation Army, 6 Oct 1988.
  • Eva Burrows quotes
    Eva Burrows quotes on a range of topics including feminism, religion and politics.
  • Why help the poor?
    A condensed version of an address delivered by General Burrows at the opening session of the Third Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Banking with the Poor held in Brisbane 21-25 November 1995.
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