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Eva Burrows
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World Leader, Salvation Army, Born 1929, Newcastle NSW

The 20th century brought dramatic changes in opportunities for women, but in religious circles the ordination of women remains a burning issue and on the world stage women have been excluded from international leadership roles in the Christian church. Eva Burrows is an outstanding exception. She began life as one of nine children in a humble Australian family. She would go on to lead one of the world's most interesting and effective religious movements.

This program traces Eva Burrows's rapid rise through the ranks of the Salvation Army to become its remarkably successful world leader. In the role of General she was a strong and effective administrator who nevertheless retained the warmth and humanity which earned her the popular title of “The People's General”.

General Burrows's experiences in just about every trouble spot on the globe and her meetings with world leaders are analysed here with exceptional intelligence and honesty. Her account of her life provides extraordinary insight into the opportunities afforded a talented person who makes a complete commitment to a cause. It also reveals the difficult personal choices that sometimes confront such a person.

Even the viewer with no interest in religion will be fascinated by this portrait of an unusually capable and wise human being, whose life has made a genuine difference for good in the world.

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